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Chemistry & 5E  for  K  to  8  Teachers!

The Chemical Education Foundation is providing PD to any K8 RI Science Teacher on May 16.  The session will be free and provide participants with some hands-on experience as well as resources that they can take home!  This is a great opportunity to brush up on chemistry topics that might be in your new NGSS aligned curriculum.  Session has a minimum of 20 and maximum of 30.  Register today!

See here for more information and to register!

Stats, Graphs, and Elephants

How can we best understanding data from a layman perspective?  Join RISTA and Dr. Peter Langton on Wednesday, May 6th to learn the best way to use and understand data.  As always, the ideas are useful in the classroom as we encourage students to make sense of data sets and explain their findings.  In this session we will explore how to look at data and to draw conclusions based on the data that is presented. 

See here for more information and to register.

Online Discussion Group

RISTA members are invited to join a discussion group that will be reading (or re-reading) and reflecting on the Framework for K-12 Science Education, which is a free download.  The framework is the guiding document used in the creation of the NGSS.  By gaining a deeper understanding of the Framework, educators will be better able to understand the shifts that NGSS will create in science education.  This group is open to any science educators who are RISTA members.  Prompts will be given every 3-4 weeks your response will be in a secure forum area of the website that only members of the group will access.  This will be an excellent part of your Professional Growth Plan!  Please email higginsc@warwickschools.org to be included.    


NGSS UPDATE                                  

Since the standards were released in April, 2013 there are 12 states and DC that have also adopted the NGSS as their state science standards.  The RI Strategic Leadership Team meets to develop the implementation plan and communicate with RI Department of Education leaders regarding implementation.  This team consists of teachers, administrators, post-secondary faculty, and other stakeholders in RI science education.  The RISLT will also be enlisting a cadre of NGSS Liaisons from each RI school to help communicate NGSS methods, PD opportunities, and implementation plans.

All science educators are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Framework for K-12 Science Education, which is a publication that the NGSS are based on. A free pdf of the Framework is available at NAP. More information about the development of the NGSS is available at www.nextgenscience.org. NSTA has developed a great selection of webinars and support materials for educators as we shift to the NGSS.  Their materials can be accessed at NSTA.


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